This page will host all of our resources for this project

Rubrics, To-do lists, descriptions, etc

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

Team To-Do List - to be downloaded by each Contractor and shared with team members, me, Hines and Kaneko:

Sample filled out task sheet:
task sheet sample.png

Team Members and Allocated Jobs
Team 1
Team 2

Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6

Shayla - DOCNoah - BLDBLaine - SLSKrislyn - CONTrevor - ARC

Sean - BLDAustin - ARCJosh - CONKai - SLSMarshall - DOC

Emma - DOCNicole - CONAly - ARCTyler - SLSKainoa - BLD==== ====

Bobby - ARCCaelin - DOCReyn - SLSJosh - BLDEthan - CON

Fenton - CONPalmero - DOCFansler - SLSMalia - BLDNoah - ARC

Browning - SLSBradley - ARCColtrane - CONKris - BLD/DOC?Bryson - BLD/DOC?

Kickstarter Rubric:
This is the rubric that will be applied toward the work by the SLS and DOC team members.
page 1.png
page 2.png
page 3.png

Video Presentations:

Examples - Draft 1. Each individual in the class must select the Team that she or he feels did the best according to the above rubric. Remember, the key items that should/could have been included are:
  • the rationale for the project
  • the team biography
  • an explanation of aquaponics as a system
  • a script for the video

Resources and other documentation:
Laurens' presentation on crowdfunding:

Juicies release statement:

Laurens' advice: